About Dural Sinus Thrombectomy

Individuals found to have DST are usually admitted to a hospital.

That is where specialized neurologists are available and where neurovascular physicians can provide the appropriate treatment.

RIA’s neurovascular physicians treat this particular condition with patients under general anesthesia.

A small catheter is placed in the jugular vein at the base of the neck. A small tubular device called a catheter is placed into the veins, and a clot-busting medicine is instilled into the clot. After a small amount of time has passed, a balloon is inflated and pulled back through the veins to open the blockage.

After the procedure, the individual will be monitored closely in the intensive care unit.

The neurology team and intensive care teams will continue to determine what cause the clot’s development. Patients with DST require blood-thinning medications to prevent additional blood clots from forming.

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