For Providers and Patients

For Providers

If you would like to refer a patient to our practice please fax the following information to our office at

  • Patient diagnosis
  • Patient demographics including insurance information
  • Pertinent clinical notes
  • Imaging reports
  • If you are requesting a diagnostic exam we will need a specific order
  • We will contact the patient directly to schedule the consultation
  • If you are requesting a diagnostic exam, we will contact the patient once we have insurance authorization for the procedure (facility will be dependent on patient’s health insurance and/or physician availability)

We do provide the following options

  • A phone consultation with one of our physicians if you have a specific case to discuss prior to referring the patient to our office
  • The ability to review images and schedule a patient for consultation and treatment (consult one day and treatment the next day) if the patient is coming from out of town.

We will keep you updated on the treatment plan after the consultation and will provide information post procedure on the patient outcome and any recommended follow up imaging (our office will continue to follow with the patient and will schedule the recommended imaging if indicated).

For Patients

Please call RIA Neurovascular at 720-493-3345 to schedule an office consultation.

If you are being referred to our practice by another physician, we will need the request for consultation sent to us prior to scheduling the appointment. The referring physician’s office should fax us the information.
It is your responsibility to be sure the necessary referral is in place based on your insurance policy. If you do not have a referral from another physician, we will need some necessary information sent to us once the appointment is scheduled:

  • Imaging reports of any recent head and neck imaging
  • Your pertinent information (date of birth, address, phone number and insurance information)
  • Clinical notes from your primary care physician and/or any specialists you have seen for the specific diagnosis

If your insurance company requires a referral to a specialist and it is not in place at the time of the appointment it could mean the insurance company will not cover the consultation. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company.

Scheduling and Locations

Consultation appointments are available most Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Our office locations are as follows:

  • Englewood-499 East Hampden Avenue, suite 360
  • Wheat Ridge-3455 Lutheran Parkway, suite 280
  • Lone Tree-10099 Ridge Gate Parkway, suite 480

We will send you a packet via email or US mail once the appointment is scheduled. The packet will include confirmation of the date, time and location of the appointment as well as the new patient paperwork (please complete prior to the appointment) and a list of what you will need to bring with you to the consultation.

Day of Appointment

Please bring the completed forms, your insurance card and a photo ID, and if requested the CD of imaging with you to the appointment. If you are not able to complete the forms prior to the appointment, we ask that you come 15 minutes early to the appointment. It will be necessary to reschedule the appointment if you have been instructed to bring a CD of the images and you do not have it with you. It may be necessary to reschedule the appointment if you are late. Please call the office at 720-493-3345 if you know you will be late and we can see if we can accommodate you.

  • Your copay is due at the time of service (we do not accept cash but do accept a check and most credit cards)
  • Please be aware that most new consultations will last about one hour
  • You will meet with the RN or NP prior to seeing the physician
  • The physician will review your medical history and your images and discuss treatment options and a treatment plan
  • Bring a list of questions with you
  • Your family members are welcome to be there for the discussion with the physician (please understand we do have limited space in the consultation room but we will make every effort to accommodate family members)
  • If treatment is indicated, you will receive a packet of information before you leave the office which will help guide you through the next steps in the process. You may also receive a prescription for an antiplatelet medication and/or a request for clearance from you primary care physician or cardiologist, etc.
  • We will not schedule a procedure until the requested clearance is received and approved by the physician. Please be proactive in scheduling any necessary appointments to assure the medical clearance is taken care of.

Insurance Authorization

We have a dedicated preauthorization specialist who will work with your insurance company to get the necessary authorization for any recommended procedure or imaging. Be aware the insurance companies are entitled to 30 days before they need to respond to our request for authorization. We request that you direct any questions regarding insurance authorization to our office and not to your insurance company as contacting your insurance company directly may delay the process.

Follow up imaging

If the physician recommends follow up imaging instead of a procedure, we will have that information in our system and will contact you when it is time for the recommended imaging.

About your Procedure

  • We will contact you to schedule the procedure once the insurance authorization is in place
  • The procedure facility will be dictated by your insurance and the physician availability
  • We will try to accommodate any requests
  • We will call a prescription into your pharmacy for any required antiplatelet medication if you did not receive the prescription at the office consultation (it is very important that we have the correct pharmacy number on file for you)
  • We do request most patients have pre-admission testing done prior to the scheduled procedure to prevent any last minute cancellations due to abnormal labs (the pre-admission testing will be done at the same facility as the procedure)
  • We will send you a packet via email or US mail with all the necessary, specific information for the scheduled procedure
  • It is your responsibility to contact us with any changes in your medical status or changes in your prescription medications prior to the scheduled procedure

Day of Procedure

  • You will have time prior to the procedure to discuss any last minute questions with your physician and/or the nurse practitioner
  • We ask that you leave all your valuables at home
  • Bring your insurance card and a photo ID to the hospital
  • Family members can be with you but there is limited space available

Post Procedure

  • If you had a diagnostic procedure you may go home the same day
  • You will spend at least one night in the hospital if you have had a treatment procedure
  • Please call our office for a follow up appointment if directed to do so on the discharge instructions you received at the hospital (the follow up appointment will be scheduled between one and four weeks after the procedure depending on physician availability)
  • Follow up appointment are usually no longer than 30 minutes in length
  • We do not expect you to come back for a follow up appointment if you live out of state (we will contact you via phone call)

Frequently asked questions

  • Will the physician I meet at the consultation also do the procedure? Yes, the physician you meet will be the one who does the procedure
  • How long should I take off work? If you have a diagnostic procedure you are advised to take off work the day of and the day after the procedure. If you have treatment you are advised to take off work for about one week.
  • Can I fly? Yes, once the small incision is healed you are not restricted in travel.
  • Will I have a lot of discomfort after the procedure? Most patients will have some minor discomfort post procedure, which is usually controlled with over the counter medication and hydration. We can discuss this in further detail with you.
  • Can I dye my hair? Yes, you may dye your hair.
  • Are there any restrictions in my physical activity? We do not restrict your physical activity once the small incision is healed but we would not recommend any heavy lifting or very strenuous activity until you feel well enough.
  • How can I get a CD of the procedure? You will need to contact the radiology file room at the facility where you had the procedure done to get the CD sent to you.
  • How can I get a refill on the antiplatelet medication (Plavix, Effient, Brilinta)? Please contact your pharmacy and have them fax a request to us at 720-874-4437 and we will review and approve the request.


Patient Records Release

Download our records release form.