About Cerebral Angiography

Cerebral angiography is an imaging exam that exams blood vessels in the brain.

A scanner is used to take images which are assembled into three-dimensional views of the blood vessels using state-of-the-art computer software. These 3D models help the radiologist more accurately view the structure of blood vessels in diseases such as aneurysms, intracranial or extracranial vessel stenosis, and stroke.

Catheter angiography has been used to examine blood vessels for years.

With catheter angiography, a very thin, long tube is threaded through the groin arteries to the blood vessels that need examination. There are newer, non-invasive methods for performing angiography that utilize CT and MRI scanners. These newer methods are becoming more frequently used as an alternative for studying blood vessels. CT angiography uses an intravenous contrast agent to enhance the visibility of the blood vessels. MR angiography often uses intravenous contrast agent as well.

CT angiography and MR angiography are particularly useful in imaging the blood vessels of the brain.

When a patient comes into the hospital with bleeding in the brain, these tests are often the first performed to identify the source of the problem and plan treatment. For most emergency cases, CT angiography is preferred over MR angiography since it takes less time to get the exam results. This is particularly helpful in the evaluation of acute stroke patients. These exams are also very useful in non-emergency situations. By proactively identifying life threatening aneurysms, they can be repaired and prevent a potentially fatal event.

Procedure Locations

Consultations for cerebral angiography are done at RIA Neurovascular.
Cerebral angiography is performed at the following Invision Sally Jobe locations in the Denver, Colorado area:

  • Invision Sally Jobe at Hampden Place in Englewood
  • Invision Sally Jobe at Southwest Healthpark in Littleton
  • Invision Sally Jobe at the Centrum DTC in Greenwood Village
  • Invision Sally Jobe in Aurora
  • Invision Sally Jobe in Golden/Lakewood in Golden
  • Invision Sally Jobe in Littleton

CT angiography and/or MR angiography are also performed at the following Radiology Imaging Associates partner hospitals in the Denver, Colorado area:

    Exempla Lutheran Hospital
  • Medical Center of Aurora
  • Porter Adventist Hospital (low radiation option available for CT angiography)
  • Sky Ridge Medical Center
  • Swedish Medical Center

Conditions to Let Us Know About

In advance of your exam, let your radiologist or technologist know if any of the following circumstances apply to you:
For MR Angiography

  • Currently pregnant or nursing
  • Dental fillings or braces
  • Currently have a metal plate, pins, screws, or staples in the skull
  • Previous reaction to MRI contrast medium (gadolinium)
  • Claustrophobia
  • Any magnetic, mechanical or electronic devices
  • Brain aneurysm surgery or ear implants
  • For CT Angiography
  • Currently pregnant or nursing
  • Previous reaction to iodine or contrast material
  • Renal disease
  • Asthma with inhaler use 2 times or more per day
  • Diabetic
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