written by

Donald Frei, MD

Dr. Donald Frei is an NeuroInterventional Surgeon based in Denver, Colorado

October 29, 2017

Framing Eighteen Coils in Cerebral Aneurysms Trial (FEAT)

FEAT is a prospective, randomized trial comparing the utilization of 0.014-0.0155” coils versus smaller diameter coils in mid-sized aneurysm treatment.

The 0.014-0.0155” bare platinum coils (Stryker, Natick, MA) are FDA-approved and in common use at institutions in this country and across the world. Patients between 18 – 80 years of age presenting with ruptured or unruptured cerebral aneurysm appropriate for endovascular treatment as determined by the neurovascular treating team (neurointerventionist and/or neurosurgeon) may be eligible.

The primary objective of FEAT is to compare angiographic outcomes in patients receiving 0.014-0.0155″ platinum framing and filling coils (larger diameter coils) versus those treated solely with coils less than 0.014″ (with a standard diameter). It is hypothesized that angiographic occlusion at follow-up imaging will be more frequent in patients receiving 0.014-0.0155″ platinum coils during embolization compared to those receiving smaller-diameter coils.

Local Principal Investigator: Don Frei, MD

For more information about this trial, please see the trial page on ClinicalTrials.gov